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Behind the Scenes 大片幕后

In the book, we will show readers different photo shootting ideas and methods in all respect, including choosing lighting devices and using the light in different ways, helping readers to create a series unforgetable merchandise photos. 这是一本从入门到进阶的商业产品摄影书,分为人造光的把控、创意场景的布置技巧、商业摄影案例解析,以及知名摄影师的摄影集这四大章节,从布光器材的选配与不同的布光方法,全方位教会读者如何在摄影中玩转创意,利用“光”来拍摄出令人一眼难忘的产品图。

Tune of Darkness 暗夜之歌

Whether realistic or abstract artworks, line, as the most fundamental element in the painting, has the power to simply and directly express one’s feelings and emotions. In Line Drawing In Dark Stories, we will gather talented artists from all over the world together to showcase their awesome and impressive dark illustrations, hoping to let more and more people catch on to the charm of the dark art and, find out those stunning forgotten masterpieces. 在本书中,我们邀请了来自全球各地的才华横溢的艺术家,在《暗夜之歌——艺术畅想集》中展示他们那些美得让人窒息的“暗夜”风格线条画,希望能让更多人觉察到黑白艺术的魅力,发现那些被遗忘的杰作。

Grotesque Art 怪诞派

Grotesque Art is positioned as non-mainstream artists in the long line of art. These artists had unique styles and characteristics, even some of them were out of place, alternative and weird. They were either known for their whimsical imagination or their dark and terrifying atmosphere. They kept a distance from the mainstream artistic aesthetic vision of the public, but they are always memorable and irresistible. 怪诞派定位于艺术长河中的非主流艺术家们。并不是说他们的地位非主流,而是这些艺术家们都拥有与众不同的风格与特点,甚至有些偏门、另类和怪异。他们或以异想天开的想象力见长,或以黑暗恐怖的氛围著称,总之都与大众主流的艺术审美眼光保持着距离,但却总让人过目不忘,欲罢不能。


This book is a printmaking tutorial book. From the selection of tools to the production of interesting prints to rubber stamps using different materials, the book is divided into three chapters: basic process, prints, and rubber stamps. The themes cover animals, plants, architecture, festivals and small living things.

The Origin of Fantasy Creatures 怪物起源

This book is not a theoretical reading which is full of references and details. We don’t think that with our limited knowledge we can make a clear defination and trace to the origin of every monster. What we want to do is to introduce the trail of these monsters left in the human stories, through the combination of copyright-free images and a witty narrative way. Specially, the book is expected to include a certain amount of digital 3D works corresponding to every species of monster, to show how these creatures in legends evolved more fashionable features under modern technology.


Collection and appreciation of multi-form Cyberpunk & Steampunk works; Presentation of the creative process of Cyberpunk & Steampunk works.