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Legends of Olympus 神域之书

Tracing the various deities in Western mythology and analyzing their artistic representations in paintings and literary illustrations, combined with interesting mythological stories, this work vividly presents the eternal charm of the gods of Greek mytholog. 追溯西方神话体系中的各种神祇,以及他们在艺术绘画、文学作品插图中的艺术形象分析,结合有趣的神话故事,生动呈现希腊神话众神的永恒魅力。


This book provides a detailed panoramic view of all 56 World Heritage sites in China through full illustrations and infographic compositions. Each heritage site is marked according to its official type and includes illustrated explanations of the rich knowledge points related to its cultural art, natural geography, architectural features, and history. For every child, reading this book is a rich and fascinating journey through Chinese historical culture. 本书通过全插画的方式,采用信息图表的构图,全景式一个不漏地详细展现中国的56处世界遗产。每一个遗产都依据官方认定类型做出标示,并图解介绍该遗产的人文艺术、自然地理、构建特点和历史等丰富知识点。对每一位孩子来说阅读这本书都是一趟丰富、有趣的中国历史文化之旅。

A is van Os 字母是怎么来的?

This is a language knowledge science book aimed at children aged 5-14, with a certain degree of storytelling that also makes it suitable for parent-child reading. The main content focuses on the origin and development of the 26 letters, detailing how they evolved from the original Sinai script to Phoenician, and then into Greek letters and the commonly used Latin letters of today. 这是一本针对5-14岁少年儿童通读的语言知识类科普图书,书中有一定的故事性也适合亲子阅读。主要内容是关于26个字母的诞生起源,如何从原始的西奈文字,到腓尼基语,再演变为希腊字母和今天常见的拉丁字母。

Fun Facts about the Fruits and Vegetables

The book uses 24 solar terms as a clue to sort out 92 kinds of table vegetables and fruits, and show readers the taste, characteristics, evolution and spread of interesting stories of each kind of vegetables and fruits through interesting texts quoted from the classics. Combined with the presentation of professional photography and illustration, it increases the artistry of the book, allowing readers to experience the beauty of art while watching it easily, and ensuring the authenticity of popular science.

这里是长江 这里是黄河

The endlessly turbulent Yangtze and Yellow Rivers are mother river of the Chinese and the cradle of Chinese civilization. This book not only draws the beautiful natural ecology of the two rivers, but also highlights the civilization and cultural value that they nurtured.