OPEN THE PACKAGE《拆包装-从客户需求到成品的包装设计创意全过程》

Language Version:English / Chinese 英文版 / 中文版



Binding:Hardcover / 精装

We started from the idea of “Open the package”, through a way disassembling step by step, with both images and texts to show the audience how a package comes into being, after a link of Request, Solution, Idea&Concept, Graphic design, Scheme of color, material or finishes, Cost, and so on. Meanwhile, we invited two internationally known packaging design group Backbone Branding and David Trubridge, whose specialists analyzing their prize-winning projects detailedly to share their experiences on design.

我们以“拆包装”的编辑思路出发,通过详细打开整个产品包装的方式,图文并茂地向读者展示一款包装的客户需求、设计方案、创意概念、结构分解、平面设计解析、材料与印刷工艺、成本与挑战等各个环节的设计全过程。同时我们特邀两支国际知名包装设计团队Backbone Branding  和David Trubridge  的包装专家们结合他们屡获大奖的包装设计作品进行详细的分析讲解,以及设计理念分享。