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Color Genius 天才配色

Based on the essential color theory and color psychology, 18 appealing color scheme references are sorted out, which are logically analyzed and presented by data charts such as radar and percentage, to find out the reasons for the psychological effects triggered by colors. Here, more than 45 amazing visual designs from all over the world are displayed in 7 color themes, and 10 internationally outstanding designers and art directors shared their color application approaches, helping readers to unlock more color scheme ideas and get tricks to break the mediocre design style.
本书从基础的色彩原理、色彩心理学出发,整理出 18 组让人过目难忘的配色参考,并透过雷达图、占比图等数据图表,逻辑推导由色彩所引发的心理感受的成因;与此同时,以七大配色主题分类展示超过 45 个来自世界各地的精彩设计案例,更与 10 位国际知名设计师对话,全方位探讨他们的用色法则,希望读者能通过此书疏通配色思路,从而激发出更多配色灵感,获得打破平庸设计的诀窍。