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Tune of Darkness 暗夜之歌

Whether realistic or abstract artworks, line, as the most fundamental element in the painting, has the power to simply and directly express one’s feelings and emotions. In Line Drawing In Dark Stories, we will gather talented artists from all over the world together to showcase their awesome and impressive dark illustrations, hoping to let more and more people catch on to the charm of the dark art and, find out those stunning forgotten masterpieces. 在本书中,我们邀请了来自全球各地的才华横溢的艺术家,在《暗夜之歌——艺术畅想集》中展示他们那些美得让人窒息的“暗夜”风格线条画,希望能让更多人觉察到黑白艺术的魅力,发现那些被遗忘的杰作。