Mind Map Of Illustration《插画思维导图》

Language Version:Chinese / 中文版



Binding:Hardcover / 精装

Starting from the editing ideas of “Mind Map”, we invited 15 well-known first-line popular illustrators to share with readers their creative thinking process and method skills in creating illustrations. This book is different from the common forms of painting techniques books and portfolios on the market today, but rises to the level of picture thinking on the basis of techniques. Detailed analysis of the imagination process of these illustrators, the selection logic of the detail elements of the picture, and show the creative steps.

编辑团队从“思维导图”的编辑思路出发,特邀15 位知名的一线人气插画师来向读者分享他们在创作插画作品是的思维创意过程以及方法技巧。本书有别于现在市面上常见的绘画技法书和作品集的形式,而是在技法的基础上上升到画面思维的高度。详细地分析这些插画师的作品构思过程,画面细节元素的选择逻辑,并展示出创作步骤。